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Fischer Cruzar Women's 9 Vacuum CF Ski Boots

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Fischer Cruzar W9 Women's Ski Boot is a new comfort model which is very easy to put on. Thanks to VACUUM CF this boot is the ideal partner when it comes to comfort. The tailor-made section fit relieves boot pressure where it counts. The shell is adapted directly to the female anatomy of the foot in problem zones such as the heel area, making sure you can enjoy pleasant days out skiing.

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  • Width: 103mm
  • Flex: 90
  • 100% Seamless Tongue. Practically no friction anymore, perfect fit.
  • FULL CUSTOM THERMO TOEBOX: The elastic toebox made of special neoprene and lycra perfectly adapts the forefoot width.
  • COMFORT PADDING: Comfortable ankle cushion for perfect fit.
  • HIGHER TOEBOX: More Space in the toearea means more comfort, more warmth and better first fit.
  • HIGHER INSTEP: Higher Instep means not more space for the instep. Step in and step out is also much easier.
  • ORIGINAL V-POSITION:The natural V-position enables skiers to control their skis with absolute precision.
  • ON CENTER POSITION: Enables faster edge switches, optimum grip and tighter radiuses for the skier.
  • MAXIMUM POWER TRANSFER: Direct power flow exactly in the direction you want to ski for maximum acceleration.
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