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Tusa balanced diaphragm R1000 first stage is compact and lightweight. It has a full complement of four low-pressure and two high-pressure ports and is fine- tuned for optimum performance.

The S0001 second stage features a venturi adjustment lever to deliver air smoothly with each breath. The S0001 is also equipped with an ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece to increase comfort and reduce jaw fatigue. The S0001 allows for left or right hand configuration.

The RS1001 offers the following features:

Ideal For Cold Water Environments

The cold water ready feature enables the regulator to be used in waters below 50°F /10°C tested to a temperature of 39°F / 4°C.

Ortho-Consciously Designed Mouth Piece

The new mouth piece, developed on the basis of ergonomic engineering, further enhances the comfort of bite, fit, and stability. Even with a light bite, a high level of stability is achieved, so there is no fatigue from long periods of usage.

The RS1001 is available as RS1001 DIN (300bar/4350psi).

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First Stage: TUSA RS-1001

  • Balanced Diaphragm Design
  • Chromed Marine Brass Construction
  • 2 HP Port 7/16" Thread
  • 2 High Flow and 2 Standard LP Ports 3/8" Thread
  • Inherently Environmentally Sealed: Keeps Contaminate Out; Salt, Sand, Chlorine or Pool Acids
  • Less Maintenance

Second Stage: TUSA RS-1001

  • Excellent-Performance in All-Water-Conditions
  • Reliable Downstream Demand Valve Design
  • Diver Adjustable Sensitivity Control to Deliver-Air-Smoothly with Each-Breath
  • Surface or "Dive" Control: Surface" Position Decreases Free Flow
  • Dive" Position Control: Power-Assist Diver as they Breathe with Venturi Effect
  • Exhaust Valve: Large-and-Flexible, Extremely-Low Exhaust Resistance
  • Orthodontic Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Durable Super-Tough Nylon Reinforced with Glass Fiber Construction
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The Ortho-Conscious Mouth Piece feature prevents jaw fatigue. The ridges and flexible material allow the diver to have more control of the mouth piece and reduces tension in the jaw.

The Venturi Flow Adjustment allows for ease of breathing by controlling the direction of air through the mouthpiece.

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