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Sandbox Classic 2.0 Snow Helmet Black size M

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Sandbox Classic 2.0 is for the go anywhere, try anything rider, built to handle hard impacts, all in an ultra low profile design. The Classic's undercover venting provides maximum air flow for a much cooler ride. How this works..... Sandbox did not want to take away from the look of this helmet by putting holes all over it, so they have created channels in the liner that allow air to flow from the brim and through the front Slash Vent. This air then moves through those channels, up and over the crown, sucking in all that excess heat and moisture, rising up the Chimney vents and pushing it out at the rear vents. You've also got removable ear pads for when the weather warms up, goggle clip, the ability to customize your fit 18 different ways and finally a built in audio pocket!
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  • HARD CORE EPS: Expanded polystyrene foam designed for high- impact protection, while remaining low profile
  • LOW PROFILE: Designed to have an ultra low profile fit without compromising safety
  • CUSTOM FIT: Come with multiple fit pad thicknesses so you have 18 different ways to make your helmet fit perfectly
  • GOGGLE FIT: Compatible with most goggles
  • EAR COVERS: Ear cover/neck cosy that offers comfort and warmth when you need it but are also easily removable.
  • UNDERCOVER VENTING: Stealth vents which allow air to flow into channels in the liner where heat and moisture is pushed through and exhausted out the rear vents.
  • TRIP CLIP: Slide on/slide off goggle clip offers 3 positions so you can work around your goggle strap buckle and adjuster.
  • AUDIO READY: Built-in audio pocket with multiple inserts to fit most headphone styles, big or small.
  • Certification: CE EN 1077 : 2007 Class B / for alpine skiers and snowboarders.
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