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FLUX DS Snowboard Binding

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A flat rocker snowboard binding made for conquering freestyle riding.

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  • Snowboard Bindings
  • Highback | Resistor: A newly designed highback that firmly receives movement to the outside of the stance and enables smoother movement to the inside
  • Super Tough Nylon: Medium flex material for all rounds from low speed to high speed, from beginner to expert, Micro Adjuster: Finer highback setting is possible, Slide Plate: A material with low friction is placed so as not to interfere with the lateral flex of the boot
  • Baseplate | Super Ultima: FLUX’s new generation standard equipped with a stabilizer that converts power transmission into repulsive force to maximize the power of the board
  • Performance Blend: Medium flex that can be used most all-round. Compatible with all riding scene
  • Toolless Lever: The best setting is possible without tools. With a stopper to prevent loosening of screws
  • Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion: Movable cushion that can be adjusted according to the boot size and board width
  • Cushion Stabilizer: A large stabilizer that converts flex energy into repulsive force firmly and gently conveys it to the board
  • Footon: Uses a material that does not easily get snow even in hard conditions. While enjoying the direct feeling of the sole, it also has the cushioning required for riding
  • 5 Holes Highback rotation: 5 highback mounting holes that allows rotation at both forward swing angles
  • Flat Bottom: Achieves a flat shape by reducing the unevenness on the back of the base plate. Consideration for the top seat of the board while maintaining direct power transmission
  • Waffle Strap: A two-layer structure consisting of a waffle cushion that is comfortable to hold and easy to move so that you will forget that you are wearing it, and a Power Strap that directly transmits power
  • Beer Buckle: Newly designed ratchet buckle. With a bottle opener function that does not bother you when toasting
  • F.T.M versa: Can be used with toes, instep, and 2 way according to your favorite riding. Suitable for all boots by using flexible material
  • L-Guide: The belt can be stored smoothly, UU Fit: The strap system that wrap from 360°realizes a natural hold feeling and uniform pressure
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