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Atomic Aquatics T3 Second Stage Regulator - Black

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The T3 is our signature regulator. Atomic Aquatics forged a new Titanium standard for the T3 making it the absolute finest regulator you can own, regardless of price. The T3 delivers unprecedented reliability and performance. Incredibly lightweight and corrosion-resistant materials make the T3 a perfect choice for travel in exotic remote locations, where finding service is a remote concept.

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    • Pneumatically-balanced poppet, high-flow case and lever design for easy breathing at all depths and tank pressures.Patented Atomic Aquatics AFC – Automatic Flow Control.
    • Soft overmolded Rapid Adjustment Knob for manual detuning in special
    • situations such as surf entries or octo use.
    • Patented Atomic Aquatics Titanium Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice maintains crisp
    • like-new factory tuning and prevents damage during storage.
    • Hose features patented all-Titanium Atomic Aquatics Comfort Swivel with Black
    • PVD coating.
    • Dual material second stage cover enables entire front to be used for purge.
    • Elliptical exhaust valve dramatically reduces exhalation effort at depth.
    • Dual silicone comfort fit mouthpiece with tear-resistant bite tabs –
    • both comfortable and durable.
    • PVD coated metal-accent front cover ring.
    • Deluxe padded travel bag.
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