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Scuba Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Keep yourself safe and your scuba gear at top condition with our professional scuba equipment repair and maintenance services. Our expert staff and quick turnaround time will make sure you’re back in the water safely and confidently in no time.

Want to send in your gear for repair?  Please click here to view our Scuba Repair FAQ for shipping and payment info.


1st and 2nd stages

$80.00 + parts

1st and 2nd stage with octopus

$120.00 + parts

1st stage only

$40.00 + parts

2nd stage only

$40.00 + parts

Octopus Inflator Combo.

Air II, SS1, Air Source

$45.00 + parts

Spare Air

$36.00 + parts

LPQD BC hose service

$10.00 + parts

Submersible Pressure Gauge swivel service


$10.00 + parts

HPQD hose service

$10.00 + parts

Computer Battery Change

Capsule style, non air integrated, includes wet pot test to 150fsw

$20.00 + parts

Computer Battery Change

Air integrated, with hose or transmitter-receiver style, includes wet pot test to 150fsw

$30.00 + parts

Interspiro AGA Mask Service

$75.00 + parts

OTS Guardian Mask Service

$75.00 + parts

O2 Clean 1st stage

$55.00 + O2 ready parts

O2 Clean K valve

$48.00 + parts

O2 clean SPG and hoseWet Suit

$20.00 + parts

Express Service

48 hour turnaround


Bench test with flow test


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Buoyancy Compensators

Anual Service BC Inflator

$20.00 + parts