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The Best Swim School In Las Vegas

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Swimming is an mandatory skill for everybody and the best time to learn is as young as possible. Its a lifelong skill which gives you confidence, personal safety, and exercise at the same time. Stone Sports is the Best Swim School in Las Vegas. Its equipped with a world-class facility, and our professional instructors give your kids a sense of excitement and fun. With our temperature controlled pool, you can continue your swimming lessons without worrying about the weather.

We at Stone Sports Swim School don't just teach your kids to swim, We teach them to love it. Once your kids gain confidence in the water, our team will help them with develop swimming strength, proper stroke technique and endurance. The student-to-instructor ratio is kept at 1:3 so that your child receives individual attention and more swimming time in their 1 hour session. Located in Las Vegas, find out more about us here: Learn to swim in at Stone Sports

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4965 S. Fort Apache Road, Suite 104
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89148
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