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How to Spot Good Swimming Lessons

Good swimming lessons are made of several elements that parents or yourself need to look for. They will let you know if your child or you are getting the right provision.

They are the following:

1. The Stone Sports learn to swim program- this ensures you and your children are receiving the best instruction with our qualified swim instructors.

  • It ensures swimming lessons for all ages are taught to a high and consistent standard.

  • Our program will take swimmers on an educated but fun journey.

  • We start with the basics of learning to swim and end with advanced skills.

2. Qualified educated teachers- Stone Sports enroll no more than 3 students to a teacher.

3. Fun and games- a good swim lesson will allow games for your child thus making the lesson fun and your child more likely to learn.

4. Water skills and awareness- our teachers will be aware of your child’s developing water skills such as moving around in the water, not be afraid of the water and importantly buoyancy.

More information about good swimming lessons are;

1. Our lessons last 30 minutes and children will be encouraged to be as active as possible throughout the lesson. Again, children should be having fun.

2. Swimming strokes will be introduced gradually once you and or your child have acquired the basic skills of swimming.

3. Under no circumstances will the teachers force children into activities. The children and yourself need to understand and be comfortable in order to be consistent in carrying out skills.

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